About Team

Core Team

Because we do a lot of core exercises.  And also focus a lot on filling our bellies during mealtimes.

Sandeep Kumar

Race Director

The mentor of a few races in India and abroad, the Indian speedster and elite ultrarunner has represented India in the 100K World Championship in Croatia, Trail World Championship in Portugal and Changan Ford Ultra 50K China. He was also the fastest Indian at Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa- 2017 & 2018 (90.184km in 07:30hrs), 1st runner up of Evil Trail Croatia, and a 2019 Boston Marathon finisher with timing of 02:55. The winner of many Indian marathons, he grabs podiums almost every weekend, while running at a conversational pace. He is also an IAAF Coach (topped Indian coaches exam), a motivational speaker, and a plant-based athlete. He was felicitated by Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, for his stupendous achievements in sports. A top class guy, he also eats such huge amounts of food that a picky eater would go into a dead faint after seeing his plate. Fun to be with, on the whole.

Fun fact: If he’s with you at a water crossing, he’ll throw you down into the water and dunk you until you scream a few times. Beware.

Nupur Singh

Creative Director

The Lady of the house. An architect by training and a runner by yearning – Nupur likes to call herself a free spirit who loves trekking, endurance and trail running, long-distance cycling and generally getting outside irrespective of the weather conditions. She has played a pivotal role as a co-organiser in setting up many races in the Himalayas. She’s a hardy and superb trail runner. Just a few weeks ago, she climbed a few mountains while riding her foldie from Pune to Goa to experience the natural beauty and rains of westerns ghats. She’s a fun person to work with and super-talented with softwares. So the team is saving a lot of money on tech stuff because she does it all. If you want to know her secret to running, there’s coffee running through her body instead of blood.

Fun fact: She’s well known for drinking coffee at midnight and also, will readily throw a rock at your head if you tick her off.

Gaurav devaiah

Content Wiz

The guy with the awesome mustache. He grew it only because people wouldn’t take him seriously without it. But still, the mustache doesn’t make any difference. When it comes to running, mountain running is all that he talks about, because according to him, a mountain a day keeps the doctor away. And he certainly loves to run the toughest and most technical routes that can be found on a mountain- his legs will prove that. And his lame jokes will make you scream and pull out your hair in fistfuls.

Fun fact: He’s obsessed with running uphills and downhills to the point that it brings despair and disgust to people wanting go on a regular run.


Pooja Rani

She’s a fantastic runner and will surely give you a run for your money. Super Mother to a sweet little girl, Asmi, with whom we have played football. Serious at the best of times, she loosens up only after a race. So if you want her to share training tips with you, start talking all things running and that’ll do the job.

Asmi Malik

Official Medal Presenter 

The sweet little daughter of Pooja and the official medal presenter. If you haven’t run your race well and she catches you for it, she’ll let you know in no uncertain terms that your performance was a joke.

Fun fact: You also might not get your medal.

arun kumar

He’s a mechatronics engineer by profession and also a jack of all trades; his roles include that of a mailman, group coordinator, media manager and all the solid background work. Definitely multi-talented, as you can see. We’re so grateful for that. He’s also a fantastic runner; because we’ve never seen him breathing hard. Ever.

Fun fact: He has six packs that would make Tiger Shroff jealous.